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Zlatibor, is a spacious wavy plateau, situated in the southwestern part of Serbia. A small paradise for holidays, recreation, ideal place to taste traditional national meals and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday city life.

The harmony between the forest areas of fir trees, pines, spruce and spacious meadows, interspersed with fast mountain rivers and streams, as well as the clean air, healthy and pure water and a large number of sunny days throughout the year, are the reasons Zlatibor developed into an attractive summer and winter tourist center..It has the oldest tourist tradition, among all the mountains of Serbia. The arrival of the king Aleksandar Obrenovića, in 1893, when the area was named “Kraljeve
vode” (Eng. King’s waters), is considered as the official date of the beginning of tourism.

Ideal climate conditions are created at the altitude of 700 to 1500 m and the characteristic continental and Mediterranean airstreams are the reason Zlatibor became a significant air-spa of Serbia, convenient for maintaining the health and the condition of healthy people, but also for medical treatments (people suffering from different lung disease, anemia, minor heart
and blood vessels disorders, and especially for the thyroid gland disorders).


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