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Travel and health insurance

Going on the road always contains a certain amount of uncertainty and unpredictability, because our destination is never known to us and our stay can go completely different from the planned one. If such a thing happens, with the policy of travel health insurance, you are leaving most of your care to your insurer - "Sava" travel health insurance.

The policy for insurance of persons during travel and stay abroad provides compensation for expenses incurred during the provision of necessary medical assistance to the insured person, due to sudden illness or consequence of an accident, during the temporary stay abroad. The insurance also includes the transport of insured persons to the home (repatriation) due to the occurrence of the insured event.

Every healthy person who is a permanent place of residence in Serbia can be guaranteed. Insurance begins at 00.00 hours, which is stated in the policy as the insurance start date, but not before the insured crosses the state border of the Republic of Serbia, and not before payment of the premium, and ends at 24.00 hours, which is stated in the policy as the expiration date.

This insurance covers:

  • ambulatory treatment
  • medicines and bandages prescribed by a doctor
  • medical supplies necessary during the treatment of fracture or limb injury (eg plaster and bandage) and walking aids prescribed by a doctor
  • radiotherapy, thermotherapy or phototherapy and other similar treatments prescribed by a physician
  • RTG diagnostics
  • hospital treatment of an insured in an institution considered a hospital in a foreign country with sufficient diagnostic and therapeutic capacities, and treatment is carried out according to methods that have been scientifically accepted and clinically tested in that country (the hospital is used in the place where the insured resides or the nearest appropriate hospital )
  • transportation costs by emergency services to the nearest hospital or nearest doctor
  • the cost of referrals to specialized clinics, if it is medically necessary and prescribed by a doctor
  • surgery due to acute illness (including surgery and costs associated with it)
  • dental services, but only for the purpose of relieving acute dentistry, in the amount of up to 80 EUR

Obligations of the insurer are excluded if the illness or accident occurred before the conclusion or validity of the policy.

Every individual trip abroad can be guaranteed. Frequent travelers are offered the option of contracting an annual insurance policy, which solves concerns about whether they arrange insurance on time or not.